The Loire River Basin

If you are looking to find out everything that you can about the Loire River Basin, then this site might be useful to you.  There is not any direct information on the page, but there is a comprehensive list of other websites with information about Loire.  Each of these sites is put into a different category and has a description next to it of what it is about.  For example, each link has information next to it in parenthesis that helps to describe it.  One downside to the site is that most of the links it references are written in French.  You can tell this because next to the links there is the abbreviation (fr) in parenthesis.  This can be a problem if you only speak English and are looking for informative sites about Loire.  You may be able to decipher some of the sites by using a web translator system, but otherwise you may have trouble using much of the information that can be referenced on the site.

The links on the site are divided into three different categories, so you will at least know what you are looking at.  These sections are Content, Basics, and News.  So, even though the pages that the links take you to may be written in French, you will at least know what they are referencing.  There is a lot to learn about the Lore River Valley, and many of these links cover important information like “Dam Decommissioning” and “The Loire – UNESCO World Heritage.”  And, some of these linked in sites also have an English section if you can find it and change the page from French to English.

If nothing else many of these linked sites offer you the ability to see pictures of the Loire River.  Even if you do not understand the pages themselves, the photographs can be intriguing and can help you to better understand the Loire region.  So, while the site has a wealth of information in the various links that it offers, the amount that is going to be useful to you and whatever knowledge you may want to gain about Loire is debatable.

The Loire River Valley Travelogue

For those people who are thinking about visiting the French countryside, in particular the Loire River Valley, then this site may be helpful to you.  In the “Introduction” section of the article on this page it goes through and discusses the beauty and allure of the Loire region, as well as the history behind it.  However, the real focus of this piece is about the different Chateaux in the Loire River Valley and their history.

In the second section of the article there are many brief descriptions of the Chateaux that can be found in the Loire region.  This is useful information to anyone who is planning a trip to the Loire area and wants to learn more about the sites that there are to visit, as well as the history behind many of the Chateaux.  When you are planning a vacation it can be a difficult task to disseminate all of the information out there and try to find out which areas you should focus your visit on.  The good thing about this article is that it takes the guesswork out of the situation for you, and you can draw your own conclusions based on the writer’s experiences in the Loire River Valley.

For example, if you were thinking about visiting the area of Loire known as Chambord, then you might want to learn more about the Le Chateau de Chambord, the Chateau that is found in that area.  From the article you will be able to learn that it is the largest of the Loire River Valley Chateaux and the history behind its construction.  Then, you could use this information to decide whether or not this particular Chateau is one that you would want to visit while you are in Loire.

If you are interested in learning more about France vacation possibilities, then there is a navigation bar on the right hand side of the site that will allow you to look up available accommodations in the area of France that you are thinking about staying.  There is also an “Explore” navigation bar that will take you to other information related to French travel so that you could find out more about vacationing in the country.

Loire River from

If you are looking for a complete compilation of information about the Loire River Valley, then this page is the one for you.  That’s because it is full of encyclopaedic information about the area that has been written out on this page.  You can learn everything from the history of the Loire region to the origins of the Loire region and the exact geography of the area.  There is a lot of information on the page that also relates to the tributaries of the Loire River, as well as a listing of towns that can be found there.

Another good thing about this page is the abundance of links that are available.  If you are interested in finding out more about some of the Loire River’s tributaries, then all you have to do is click on the relevant link, and it will take you to another separate page that explains all of this in depth.  Likewise, there is a listing of towns that the Loire River flows through, and you can also learn more about them simply by clicking on the links and navigating to that specific page.

This is an excellent source of information for someone who is looking to learn as much as they can about the Loire region.  In fact, it would serve someone well if they were writing a report about the area or if they were doing some form of research.  This is because the site goes into great depth about everything related to the Loire River.  In fact, under the map of Loire on the right hand side of the page there is quite a bit of information on the Loire River like origin, mouth, and basin area.  The downside is that there is not that much travel information directly on the page as it is concerned mainly with the studious aspects of the area.

On the page there are links to other, outside sites that can help you find good travel arrangements if this is what you are interested in.  This includes a link for “Loire Hotels” and “Loire Castles,” but direct information on these travel destinations is not found on the site.