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Loire River from

If you are looking for a complete compilation of information about the Loire River Valley, then this page is the one for you.  That’s because it is full of encyclopaedic information about the area that has been written out on this page.  You can learn everything from the history of the Loire region to the […]

A Bicycle Ride Along the Loire River: Castle of Love and Fairytale

If you are interested in Loire bike tours, then this site could be of interest because it details a seven night eight day bike tour through the Loire River Valley.  On the main page there is a detailed description of what you will be doing on a day by day basis.  This can be very […]

The Loire Valley Chateau Country

One of the best ways to find out about potential vacation sites is through the words of those who have visited there before you, and that is what this site is intended to do.  Straight from the desk of the luxury traveller, this tale of what to expect in the Loire River Valley can be […]

Loire Valley Tourist Information and Vacation Guide

When you are planning a trip to the Loire Valley, France, you may find that you are a little overwhelmed with all of the available information.  This site is set up to help you sort through this information in a manner that will help you to better understand where you can go and what you […]

Biking tour along the Loire River from Orleans to Blois

If you are interested in going on an unusual and exciting trip through the French countryside, then you should look into Loire bike tours to make sure that you can bike through the luscious green fields and look at the fairy tale castles that seem to pop up out of nowhere.  The page tells you […]