Loire Valley Cycling Tour and Wine Tour Itineray


This site is dedicated to helping you choose from a collection of Loire bike tours that are sure to invigorate your sense of wonder with amazing interactions of the French countryside and Loire wine country.  The site makes sure to point out that one of the special attractions of this tour is the fact that you get to spend the first day of your vacation going over the history of Loire wines, and you even get to taste some of these wines so you can get the full experience of the bike tour through the Loire Valley.

The description on the site includes the highlights of the tour, as well as a thorough explanation of what you will be doing and of the hotels you will be staying in along the way.  The description is actually very involved, and you can take this opportunity to learn as much as possible about where you will be staying and the interesting history that is tied to the area.  If you are a history buff you can take a little extra time and use the information on this site to fully immerse yourself in the countryside.

On the left hand side of the description is a bar that relays all of the pertinent information like length, price, and activity level involved.  You can use the information on these different Loire tours to help you decide if this is a good option for you and the vacation across the Loire Valley that you have in mind.  Besides offering you a very detailed look at the Loire countryside, the website also offers you some interesting options as well, like riding in a hot air balloon over the Loire Chateaux.  If you are interested you can also get a very detailed map of your planned itinerary.

Also on the left hand side is a link, “What’s Included,” and you can go to this site to find out what the price of the Loire bike tour covers.  This way you can make sure that you plan ahead of time for what extra money you may need as well as the kind of provisions will be provided during your tour.  This is a very helpful option.



There are very few ways to explore the countryside of France that excite and intrigue visitors like the idea of a meandering bicycle tour.  This site offers people the chance to see what Loire tours could hold in store for them.  It explains on a detailed basis what one could expect when they decide to partake in this extreme sightseeing expedition.  It is a good site to visit if you are considering biking along the Loire Valley.

One of the best things about the site is that it gives an in-depth explanation of what the Loire bike tours offer on a day by day basis as well as upcoming tour dates.  This way if you want to make sure that you are planning a vacation that will match up with what you are expecting to see in Loire, you can make sure that the tour plan goes along with what you are looking for.  There are also plenty of photographs and specific landmarks that you will visit.  So, if you are someone who is interested in the history of the region you are visiting, you will be able to research all of this before you ever leave for Loire.

At the bottom of the page there is information concerning the price of the Loire bike tours, and what this money covers.  For someone who is interested in taking a vacation tour of the Loire area, this is very helpful information because it can help you to decipher exactly what you can expect for your money.  Plus, you will be able to determine what extra money you will need to budget so that you can fully enjoy your Loire tour.

There is also a helpful navigation bar on the left hand side of the page that allows you to find out more about the company that is behind these tours, other frequently asked questions, cycling news, and other relevant links.  If you are interested in learning about the experience of others who have taken the tour you can also view testimonials.  Finally, if you are interested in booking one of these Loire bike tours, then you can contact the company directly.

Loire Valley Map – Chateau Country in France


There’s an About page for everything, it seems, and the Loire Valley is no exception.  The site is known for having a good amount of information on all topics, but when it comes to Loire, unfortunately there’s just not a lot of content here.  There’s technically only one page of information here, and while it touches on a lot of things, it’s not very detailed.

The first thing you’ll find on this site is a map of Loire.  This map is fairly simple, and while it does list a few Loire chateaux, wineries, tourist towns, and the Loire River, it’s certainly not complete.  In fact, it only shows “the best” chateaux between Bloise and Tours.  Following the map, you’ll find a bit of information on chateaux themselves, following by some information on various Loire cities, including Tours, Blois, and Montrichard.  The content here is limited to about a short paragraph per city.

Next is a list of some top chateaux.  Again, each has only a few sentences, and there is no contact information or website links to be found.  If you want a place to start your Loire information-gathering, you can get a short list of chateaux here.  However, it’s not extensive, and it’s certainly not that useful if you want to actually see what these places look like.  There is a link to the Loire Valley wine page, which is helpful if you want to know about that. 

This is followed by a Loire tours section.  The link to the Loire Valley tours directory looks good, but once you get to that page, you’ll only find a handful of different tour options.  A little further down is a link to the Loire Valley Travel Guide page.  This page is just a list of links to sites about Loire, but at least these links are pretty useful.  The other information on the page is focused on learning about French rail passes and links to pages about nearby cities, including Paris, Nantes, and La Rochelle. 

All in all, this page isn’t that detailed, and there’s not a lot of content here.  If you want a really in-depth look at Loire, you’re not going to find it.