Loire Valley Castles for rent


If you want to know more about the many different Loire castles, then this site may be of interest to you.  It features a number of different castles found in France.  While it’s not completely dedicated to the castles of the Loire Valley, it does include a number of them.  It also has information on castles in Centre, Pays de Loire, Berry, Poitou Charente, Aquitaine, Sologne, Bordeaux, Medoc, and Saint-Emilion.  It’s more of a resource for French castles in general.

Right away, the site lets you narrow down your results to different types of castles, including medieval, Renaissance, classical, or private.  You can also look at information on various abbeys, gardens, and medieval cities.  Each of these pages features images of some of the best castles.  However, there are only one or two castles or areas listed.  The pictures are nice, and the information provided is useful.  Clicking on the various links listed under the “accommodations” title on the page provides more detailed information.  On the Renaissance page, for example, you can find information on cottages for rent, renting a castle for 14, and more.  These pages are very detailed and list specific places to rent, a link to their website, many different images, the rates, arrival times, and much more.  While there’s not a huge number of different accommodations listed, there is a lot of content for the ones that are.

It’s interesting to note that the links under “accommodations” seem to appear on every page.  They’re listed as nearby places to stay, but they seem to be “nearby” every castle, abbey, or garden.  This means there may be more travel time to some of the castles from some of the places to stay.  Overall, there seems to be a lot of duplication in some of the content, and it’s actually a little confusing in places.  The where to stay page looks like it features the same content as the individual pages.  The links section is very extensive, however, and features some excellent information, although it’s not Loire-focused and is instead more helpful for anyone planning a European vacation.