Loire Valley Cycling Tour and Wine Tour Itineray


This site is dedicated to helping you choose from a collection of Loire bike tours that are sure to invigorate your sense of wonder with amazing interactions of the French countryside and Loire wine country.  The site makes sure to point out that one of the special attractions of this tour is the fact that you get to spend the first day of your vacation going over the history of Loire wines, and you even get to taste some of these wines so you can get the full experience of the bike tour through the Loire Valley.

The description on the site includes the highlights of the tour, as well as a thorough explanation of what you will be doing and of the hotels you will be staying in along the way.  The description is actually very involved, and you can take this opportunity to learn as much as possible about where you will be staying and the interesting history that is tied to the area.  If you are a history buff you can take a little extra time and use the information on this site to fully immerse yourself in the countryside.

On the left hand side of the description is a bar that relays all of the pertinent information like length, price, and activity level involved.  You can use the information on these different Loire tours to help you decide if this is a good option for you and the vacation across the Loire Valley that you have in mind.  Besides offering you a very detailed look at the Loire countryside, the website also offers you some interesting options as well, like riding in a hot air balloon over the Loire Chateaux.  If you are interested you can also get a very detailed map of your planned itinerary.

Also on the left hand side is a link, “What’s Included,” and you can go to this site to find out what the price of the Loire bike tour covers.  This way you can make sure that you plan ahead of time for what extra money you may need as well as the kind of provisions will be provided during your tour.  This is a very helpful option.