Loire Valley Travel Guide


This site contains a compilation of information concerning the Loire Valley.  Everything from exciting tour destinations to Loire restaurants is linked into this site so that you can know more about this beautiful vacation site.  The first thing on this travel guide page is a section that contains a series of articles that serves as an overview of Loire.  However, you will want to make sure to read the descriptions of the articles that are offered as some of them have been erroneously cross-referenced.  For instance, the first article on the list is about Cape Cod, not the Loire Valley.  There are some interesting articles on the page about Loire wine and the beautiful Loire countryside on the page as well though, so do not get too discouraged.

On the right hand side of the page there is a navigation bar that contains links to a “Where to Go” and “When to Go” section.  If you go to the area that is labelled for “When to Go” (or the best seasonal time to go) to it is actually an area for readers to share their knowledge and suggestions about the best time to visit Loire.  This way people can share their experiences about their visit to the Loire Valley so that you can judge the best time of year to go based on these past experiences and suggestions.

There are two different destinations that are listed under the “Where to Go” option.  These are Orleans and Tours.  If you go to either one of these they will take you to a page that has articles written about these topics.  However, underneath these two links there is another area for “Reader’s Suggestions.”  This area, like the other one allows readers to post up important information about their trips to the Loire Valley and what they enjoyed about the region.  Some of these reviews also include important information about Loire restaurants, hotels, and other tourist attractions.  One good thing about the site is that on the left hand side of the screen there is a box that will allow you to search for flight information to France so that you can begin your Loire travel plans.