Loire Valley Wine Sancerre, Bourgueil, Pouily


This website is intended to cover the Loire wine region, its history, and it interesting geography.  The information is all provided to you through various links.  For example, if you wanted to learn more specifically about Loire wine in general, then you could go to the first link provided and it would take you to an informative panel that discusses the various wines that are made in the Loire Valley.  There is also a table on this page that goes through and offers you more specific information about the kind of grapes grown, the location of most wineries, and the average size of the vineyards.

Another connection on the main page titled, “Wines of Loire Valley,” will take you to a different page that describes the different kind of wines that are most commonly grown in Loire: Muscadet, Anjou, Coteaux du Layon, Saumur, Touraine, Bourgueil, Chinon, Vouvray, Pouilly Fumé, and Sancerre.  Each of these different wines are then listed in the different regions of Loire and each of these names has a link with it that will take you to a separate page that goes into more depth about the different kinds of wine.  This is a helpful addition of information for those people who are looking to learn more about wines of this region.

There are several other links on the site that will take you to various points of information, depending on what you want to know about Loire wine.  There is even a very informative section that will help you to plan a meal around the kind of wine you are thinking about trying.  For instance, you might be interested to know that if you are thinking about eating oysters it is recommended that you try the Muscadet wine with them to help enhance the taste.  Likewise, goat cheese goes well with the Sancerre.

On the right hand side of the page there is also a navigation bar that will allow you to find out more about other wines that are made in France.  So, if you find that you want to learn more about the wines available in France in general you can easily navigate to that page as well.