The Loire River Valley Travelogue

For those people who are thinking about visiting the French countryside, in particular the Loire River Valley, then this site may be helpful to you.  In the “Introduction” section of the article on this page it goes through and discusses the beauty and allure of the Loire region, as well as the history behind it.  However, the real focus of this piece is about the different Chateaux in the Loire River Valley and their history.

In the second section of the article there are many brief descriptions of the Chateaux that can be found in the Loire region.  This is useful information to anyone who is planning a trip to the Loire area and wants to learn more about the sites that there are to visit, as well as the history behind many of the Chateaux.  When you are planning a vacation it can be a difficult task to disseminate all of the information out there and try to find out which areas you should focus your visit on.  The good thing about this article is that it takes the guesswork out of the situation for you, and you can draw your own conclusions based on the writer’s experiences in the Loire River Valley.

For example, if you were thinking about visiting the area of Loire known as Chambord, then you might want to learn more about the Le Chateau de Chambord, the Chateau that is found in that area.  From the article you will be able to learn that it is the largest of the Loire River Valley Chateaux and the history behind its construction.  Then, you could use this information to decide whether or not this particular Chateau is one that you would want to visit while you are in Loire.

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