The Loire valley castles

If you are interested in Loire castles, then this website is one that can fill you in on much of the history surrounding these majestic buildings.  The top of the page talks about the Loire castles, and fills you in on some of the history behind them, but if you scroll down the page the individual castles are indexed according to their names. This can be very beneficial to anyone who is conducting research on the Loire Valley region, and the castles that can be found there.

For example, if you were interested in finding out more about the Loire castle, Amboise, then you could click on that short description in the index and it would take you to a separate page that covers everything from the history of the castle to its inhabitants.  At the bottom of the page there is also a section that offers information on the actual physical address of the castle, as well as visiting times and rates for admittance.  So, not only is it helpful for those who are looking at the Loire castles from a research point of view, but it could also be helpful to anyone who is trying to plan a vacation around these buildings in the French countryside.  Plus, if you wanted to find out even more about the specific castle, there are links on the bottom left hand side of the expanded description to other sites that can help you as well.

The site is not fully translated from French.  Most of the descriptions and histories of the Loire castles have been translated, but some of them have not.  This could cause confusion if you do not read French, but the website says that it is working to make sure that all of the content is eventually translated, so you may want to check back at a later date if the information that you are looking for has not yet been translated.

On the right hand side of the site is a navigation bar that easily allows you to go from one Loire castle’s information to the next.  It also includes links to information concerning accommodations in the area, as well as entertainment options.