Biking the Loire River, France

There are several different types of Loire tours you can take, and many of them focus on bicycling.  France, especially the Loire River valley, is a gorgeous place to bike through.  If you’re interested in this, you can find a lot of information on the MayQ website.  The site hasn’t updated its content since 2003, however, so while much of the information is still relevant, some of it may be a little outdated.

The site starts out with a good amount of information on the Loire River and Loire Valley itself.  It discusses the Loire chateaux and gives information on when to bike through Loire.  While the site itself doesn’t discuss more basic information about bicycling through Europe, it does link to a site that will help first-time bikers learn about touring and transporting their bikes.

You’ll also find some history of the Loire valley and information on many of their attractions, including Loire restaurants and the author’s opinion on which Lore chateaux to visit.  The site includes only a few short sentences about each, however, and does not provide website links, telephone numbers, or other contact information.  While it’s great to get opinions for someone who has been there, more contact information would be nice.

The second part of the site is about organizing your Loire bike tours.  It talks about accommodations, using the trains, renting bikes, and gives some really helpful itinerary suggestions.  If you’ve never biked in the Loire Valley before, these itineraries are going to be very helpful.  They outline where to bike to and from each day and give some suggestions about what to visit and where to stay.

The third section of the site is devoted to a point-to-point itinerary that starts at La Baule and goes to one of several different ending points.  It’s very detailed and provides some very specific directions in some places.  This is really good for anyone who isn’t certain about planning their own trip or wants to follow a recommended path. 

Overall, if you’re looking to take a Loire bike tour, this website has some good information.  If you want more in-depth details about Loire restaurants, Loire Chateaux, or the like, it’s not here.  This site is certainly for bikers only.