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Loire Valley Region

Finding your way around in an area you are visiting can be a difficult proposition, but this site really helps you to know exactly what you should expect from the Loire Valley region.  One of the best features of the site is the fact that they have worked to make sure that they included important […]

Loire Valley Online

Visiting the Loire Valley section of France does require some research, especially since many people are not familiar with the area.  Loire Valley Online contains a number of different types of information about the area.  It should be noted, however, that the website contains a copyright of 1998-1999.  While this doesn’t necessarily mean that the […]

Loire Valley Castles for rent

If you want to know more about the many different Loire castles, then this site may be of interest to you.  It features a number of different castles found in France.  While it’s not completely dedicated to the castles of the Loire Valley, it does include a number of them.  It also has information on […]

The Loire valley castles

If you are interested in Loire castles, then this website is one that can fill you in on much of the history surrounding these majestic buildings.  The top of the page talks about the Loire castles, and fills you in on some of the history behind them, but if you scroll down the page the […]

Loire Castle Photo Gallery by Saskia

This page is a photo gallery that is dedicated to Loire castles.  If you are interested in the Loire Valley region in France, then this site may pique your curiosity.  From here you are able to see a wide variety of images that are associated with Loire castles.  This includes not only pictures of the […]