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Biking the Loire River, France

There are several different types of Loire tours you can take, and many of them focus on bicycling.  France, especially the Loire River valley, is a gorgeous place to bike through.  If you’re interested in this, you can find a lot of information on the MayQ website.  The site hasn’t updated its content since 2003, […]

Loire Valley Region

Finding your way around in an area you are visiting can be a difficult proposition, but this site really helps you to know exactly what you should expect from the Loire Valley region.  One of the best features of the site is the fact that they have worked to make sure that they included important […]

River Loire – Authentic tours in the Loire Valley

If you are looking for a site that will help you to discover the very beauty of the Loire Valley while also focusing on luxury and service, then this one could serve your needs well.  That’s because the Loire tours that are offered on this site are designed to be able to fit your holidaying […]

The Loire River Basin

If you are looking to find out everything that you can about the Loire River Basin, then this site might be useful to you.  There is not any direct information on the page, but there is a comprehensive list of other websites with information about Loire.  Each of these sites is put into a different […]

The Loire River Valley Travelogue

For those people who are thinking about visiting the French countryside, in particular the Loire River Valley, then this site may be helpful to you.  In the “Introduction” section of the article on this page it goes through and discusses the beauty and allure of the Loire region, as well as the history behind it.  […]