Chateaux of the Loire Valley

Loire valley is home to a number of different restaurants, chateaux, leisure activities, and museums.  If you’re planning a trip to Loire, reading a site like this is one great way of learning about the various things to do and places to see in the area.  This site focuses mainly on Loire chateaux, including where to find them, what features they have, and more. 

Their list of Loire chateaux is fairly comprehensive as far as names and phone numbers go.  However, the site doesn’t feature websites, pictures, or guide opinions for at least half of the Loire chateaux they list.  This means you may have to make several international phone calls to get information about these Lore valley chateaux and other places to stay.  Also note that some of the chateaux are not open year round; however, the site does mark the ones that are.

If you’re into sports and leisure, you’ll find a few things to do in Loire valley.  The Loire sports leisure section of the website gives you information on a golf course in Loire, as well as information on a park you can visit while you’re there.  They include phone numbers, the closes chateaux, and the location.

Looking for places to eat?  The website lists a few different Loire restaurants.   They break these restaurants down by category so you can easily find the type of food you want; however, there are only a handful of restaurants for each category, and there are many a dozen listed overall.  This is one section of the site that could definitely use some improvement since there just isn’t that much information. 

This is, in fact, the biggest drawback to this website.  While it appears to have a lot of information, there are a lot of sections that are lacking.  There just isn’t much content regarding leisure, culture, shows, restaurants, and other things.  While the list of Loire chateaux is very nice and certainly useful if you’re looking to visit one, the rest of the site just isn’t that useful.  If you’re looking for a more general site on Loire, this site isn’t for you.