Loire Valley Hand made Tours


In the beautiful countryside regions of France, the Loire Valley stands out as a gem.  Its beautiful gardens, wines, and castles attract a lot of visitors each year.  And, if you are someone who is interested in visiting to this region, you may be wondering what can be offered as far as Loire tours go.  This site has been developed by a company that offers special tours in this region so that you can better navigate your way through this picturesque setting in a manner that will still allow you to take in all of the sites.  After all, you would not want to miss something when you go on a vacation to Loire.

On the left hand side of the main page there is a navigation bar that will allow you to choose from the various Loire tours options so that you can match the types of activities that you would enjoy with your potential vacation.  For example, if you are interested in finding out more about the accommodations that you will be staying in while you are with the tour group, then you can click on the accommodations link and it will take you to a section with a couple of photographs and some brief information on the inn.  This way you can better visualize the place where you will be staying and you can read about what they have to offer.  And, if you want to find out more about the kinds of wine that are made in the Loire Valley, then you can go to their section on wines.

Then, if you are interested in finding out more then you can go to the section where the schedule is listed.  In this area they let you know the average length of the Loire tours that they offer and the kind of pace that they undergo when they guide a tour.  This can be helpful in deciding if you are going to rely on this tour company or not because you can determine if their schedule fits with yours.  You can choose from tours ranging from three to seven days depending on the length of your stay in Loire.

Biking tour along the Loire River from Orleans to Blois


If you are interested in going on an unusual and exciting trip through the French countryside, then you should look into Loire bike tours to make sure that you can bike through the luscious green fields and look at the fairy tale castles that seem to pop up out of nowhere.  The page tells you about the wonderful bike tours that they offer across the Loire River Valley.  If you scroll just a little down the page you will learn about the biking excursion that they offer that runs for Orleans to Blois.  This tour is one hundred kilometres long, and lasts for four nights.

The price is listed at the top of the section and as you go down you will be able to find out what you are doing on a day by day basis.  There are also plenty of photographs dispersed throughout the descriptions so that you can accurately visualize what the tour is going to be like before you actually go.  This can be a helpful tool in deciding if Loire bike tours are an option for your vacation because you will know if the sites you are going to see are going to match up with what you want to make sure that you get done before you go to the Loire River Valley.

If this appears to be something that you are going to be interested in then you will want to make sure that you go back to the top of the page and use their tool so that you can input the dates you are thinking about taking your vacation and use this to check for availability.  This is important because they may not be able to offer you the biking tour at the time when you are going to be in the region. 

There are also links for other tour options in the Loire River Valley at the top of the page.  Or, if you are interested in finding out what other people thought of the tour, then you can even do to the testimonials page and read what those who have gone on the tour have said about this exciting adventure.